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Open your franchise

GetOut is not only a Live Escape Game, GetOut is also a live experience. GetOut takes you to the world of the most famous detective.

Get Out locks you up in a room with a team composed of 3 to 6 detectives.

You then have 60 minutes to search the room to find clues and gain your freedom. One thing leading to another, several clues allow you to get more information and even more clues. You will then be able to solve the puzzle and escape !

Will you get out on time ?

The opening of GetOut detective offices is in progress.

We are interested in opening offices in various cities/ countries and invite interested parties to contact us to discuss future opportunities. If you have a detective’s soul and leading skills, are able to manage your own office, please get in touch !

The Live Escape Game is a new kind of entertainment expanding really quickly worldwide.

Opening your « GetOut » office is to take advantage of GetOut’s expertise and various elements which we can offer you, and also open your own Live Escape Game for less.