GetOut! currently dispose of 4 play rooms :
- 1 investigation "The Secrets of the Panic Room" 
- 1 investigation "The Cunningham case"

The team must be from 3 to 6 detectives.
If you want to live the experience and be more than 6 detectives, you need to book several rooms.

To book a room please complete the form below. 
If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page.

The payment is being made when booking.  (a deposit to secure the booking , and the balance due the day of the game session).
The price depends on the chosen hour and the number of detectives in the team.

At GetOut!the more you are, the cheapest it is!

GetOut!is a live activity , we can not therefore accept any refund once the session booked. 

Refunds, cancellations and schedule changes are not accepted .

Our prices

(10am-5:30pm from Tuesday to Thursday, 10am-4:15pm on Friday)

Team of 6 - 16€ / detective

Team of 5 - 18€ / detective
Team of 4 - 22€ / detective
Team of 3 - 25€ / detective

((5:30pm-10pm during the week, 4:15pm-10pm on Friday, 10am-10pm on Saturday, 10am-7pm on Sunday))

Team of 6 - 18€ / detective
Team of 5 - 20€ / detective
Team of 4 - 24€ / detective
Team of 3 - 28€ / detective